I am a research associate at the Technion’s Computer Science department. My research interest is hardware security. In particular, I work on non-invasive IC reverse engineering, Hardware Trojan and IP theft detection, and sub-circuit identification using graph neural networks (GNN). I’m also interested in building hardware security primitives with emerging technologies, such as resistive memories. In addition, I took part in developing DPA-protected encryption engines and in protection of rack-scale memories.

In the Fall 2022 semester, I will be giving an advanced course in hardware security together with Prof. Avi Mendelson. Check out the syllabus at the ECE department (course id 048891).

Undergraduate students interested in projects, check out the project proposals.

Looking for MSc students for a new project in automatic detection of vulnerabilities in hardware.

Have ideas or interested in collaboration, contact me at leonida AT technion.ac.il